Geekfest 2010 Presentation on Branding and Marketing for Photographers

I think I’ve recovered from an amazing time at Geekfest 2010 and wanted to embed the presentation here in case anyone was interested and missed it. I was totally not crazy about the idea of being recorded and I’m over it now.

Honestly, I was nervous as hell. Having been a super shy kid who would hide as quick as possible if anyone uttered a word to me, the thought of speaking in public has never felt natural for me.

Speaking at Geekfest was stepping out of my comfort zone and having been my first presentation to a group, I’m proud to say, I did it! 

It really was an honor to be asked to speak at Geekfest (Thanks Melissa!) and I encourage anyone who is thinking about attending next time to just do it. The work is inspiring and the photographers are such a blast to be around.

[ Tip: If you are prone to tears, like I am, bring tissues! The stories are powerful. ]

And here are the sources and/or the photographers I mention in this presentation:

Author: Deb

Interaction Designer. Graduate Assistant — UX Lab. MFA candidate 2020 at the University of Miami.

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