My First Soft Cover Coptic Bound Book

I ventured out in the “snow storm” today to make it to a bookbinding class taught by Rory Sparks at Oblation Papers & Press.

There were just four of us so we had a cozy great time in the back room of Oblation settled inside a maze of beautiful papers and C&P Pilot presses.

So, here is my first coptic bound book!



The stitching is too loose (lesson learned) and I was having trouble with the waxed thread. The wax builds up at the eye of the needle and makes it very challenging to sew through the signatures. The wax also gets on your fingers and makes the needle too slippery. Next time I’m opting to wax my own thread with beeswax.

I’m thinking another reason my book is loose-y goose-y: I was being extra gentle with the signatures. I suppose my childhood timidness comes out every now and then 🙂