Mix: Portland’s New Food and Drink Magazine

Have you seen it? If not, you are in for a treat. No pun intended.

Mix is Portland’s new food and drink magazine published by The Oregonian. It The new glossy made its debut on Friday and is on shelves around Portland. According to The Oregonian’s Editors’ Blog, Mix can be found at various grocery stores as well as Rite Aid. As of Friday, the issues at Rich’s Cigars have sold out.

Mix: Portland’s Food and Drink Magazine

First, I should fully disclose that my husband happens to be the Photo Director of this new glossy and (Yes, I have to toot his horn, too!) overall the photography is really well executed and edited. IMHO, there are a few that fall short of what I would expect from a magazine and I can fully understand and appreciate how sometimes that happens. (He is already aware of my thoughts.) 🙂

That said, it’s a clear thumbs up for the photography. I love the cover image. The moment is perfectly captured with selective focus: the relationship between the two fingers and the knife just touching the sausage (? I just looked for a credit and an ‘On the Cover’ caption and there seems to be none. Hmmm.) is just magical. It’s quiet, subtle and beautifully executed.

All in all the photography is warm, engaging, and loose. It’s casually sophisticated; not posed or heavily stylized (1980s-1990s studio lighting anyone?). And in general, the design allows for the images to breathe and boldly leap off the page. See the story by Leslie Cole, Gardens of Eating. The opener is killer.

Now, I’m really hungry.