“Book(let)” 38 by Kevin Miyazaki

I’ve ordered my edition just now and eager to hold Kevin’s work in my hands.


A few days ago he announced the availability of 38:

For your consideration, a booklet and print.

This is something new for me, inspired by similar projects by online galleries and other photographers and unique to the wide reach and accessibility of blogs. I think the diminutive term “booklet” fits my offering well – both in the size of the piece and the spirit in which the pictures were created – these are small observations.

If you are not familiar with Kevin Miyazaki’s work, I highly recommend a look. He just re-launched a new website and there are additional images available for viewing on his blog.

It’s a safe bet that 38 is gorgeous given Kevin’s background in design. It definitely shows in his photography work both in concept and execution. His images are exquisitely meticulous in composition, lyrical and quite thoughtful.

38 is also evidence of his business acumen. This is a great marketing tool and an excellent way to bring in extra income albeit perhaps small.

Sharing his work in a different context transforms any previous experience of the work. Offering a limited edition of his work for purchase online is not a new idea and the point is that he followed through.