All This Ending Leads to More Beginnings

Technology almost always democratizes art, because it gives us better tools, better access and a quicker route to mediocrity …

Technology almost always democratizes art, because it gives us better tools, better access and a quicker route to mediocrity … And so, when technology shows up, it’s easy to imagine that along with the old school becoming obsolete, the new school will be populated by nothing but lazy poseurs … all this ending is leading to more and more beginnings, isn’t it? It’s not ruined, it’s merely different.

— Seth Godin

Sometimes I get in a funk when I think about the time that gets sucked up keeping up with technology and how it has rapidly changed so many aspects of our lives and the ways we make a living.

But it doesn’t last long.


It’s empowering to be able to think of an idea and then to execute it.

We can create things and we can create experiences. 

Just. Like. That.

20 Things I learned About Browsers and the Web

Here’s a fun and informative book from Google with illustrations by one of my favorite illustrators, Christoph Neimann.

The site is built using HTML5 and I viewed it in Chrome (my new favorite browser).

Want some short explanations about HTML5, Cookies, Security, DNS, Cloud computing (and more!) that won’t make your eyes glaze over in techno babble?

OK, so if the terms above made you go, “huh?”, then the book is:

For things you’ve always wanted to know about the web but were afraid to ask…

20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web. Check it out!

20 Things I learned about Browseers and the web book

Exclusive Polaroid SX70 Camera Kit by Impossible

If you know a Polaroid enthusiast, spread the word: Impossible will make 50 of their limited edition SX70 camera kits available beginning tomorrow, Friday June 25 at 3PM C.E.T / 9AM E.S.T.

impossible Polaroid sx70 camera kit

Price: $299 Euros / $307 USD

What it includes:

  • 2 packs of Impossible’s PX 100 Shade film packs
  • Quick start manual
  • Impossible CD of SX 70 manuals, articles, tips and tricks
  • 1-year warranty card

Polaroid, 17 years later

17 years. That’s about how long it has been since I pulled apart a polaroid image.

I think the last time was in 1995 just after leaving a job as an assistant for two studio photographers in Fairfield, Connecticut. Type 55 was my favorite back then.

I’m not sure what triggered my recent obsession with all things polaroid but I was fixated on getting my hands on a camera. In recent weeks, I scored an SX-70 Sonar AF and a 600SE and I’m hoping to find time to play!

The 180 Land Camera I had tested out earlier didn’t work out. It’s a shame really because when the camera worked, it made beautiful images.

Here are the most recent images using the Polaroid 600SE (monster camera):
Pink Cosmos Polaroid Image A

Pink Cosmos Polaroid Image B

Making pictures used to stress me out and now it simply brings me great joy, especially the beauty of everyday things.

Polaroid, you make me happy.